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Water Purification

When in doubt, conduct a water analysis to ensure your purification system delivers safe and efficient water.

Tippy's Pro Tip

Pivot Pro offers a diverse range of water purification products and services to guaranteeing the provision of safe and great-tasting water, regardless of the source. Whether you harvest rainwater, rely on your local municipality or obtain water from a borehole, dam or river, we can provide a meticulously developed purification system to ensure your water is not only safe to consume, but also maintains a refreshing taste and promotes good health.



Our services are dedicated to optimizing the efficiency of your purification system and delivering water of the highest quality.

Water analyses & purification plant design.

Professional installation of domestic and commercial purification systems.

Service & maintenance

Rainwater harvesting systems for domestic and commercial appliactions.

Commercial purification plants for hotels, lodges and other industries.


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