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Water Pumps

Pivot Pro is your trusted supplier and installer of high-quality water pumps sourced from leading brands. Our expertise in the industry allows us to provide knowledgeable guidance in selecting the right pump for your specific application, regardless of it's size. We offer a comprehensive range of water pumps suitable for various purposes, including domestic and commercial use, such as general supply, irrigation, purification, and circulation.

Choose a pump with the perfect pressure, flow rate and power for optimal efficiency!


Tippy's Pro Tip


We offer services to ensure you get the right pump for your specific needs.

We conduct site surveys & calculations to provide the ideal pump for your specific application. 

Professional pump installation according to supplier standards for optimal performance and reliability.

Municipal backup systems.

Rainwater harvesting systems.

Commercial pump stations.


Explore our fast moving pump range online or at your nearest Pivot Pro store and let our friendly staff show you around! 

Water Pumps
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